January 28, 2012

Queer Issue: Some Quick Thoughts on the Academy Award Nominations...

Okay, regarding my previous post about Fincher's remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, it appears that my prediction that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo would not win best picture, but Rooney Mara would have a shot at winning best Actress appears poised to come true. Unfortunately, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was not even nominated for an Oscar at all, while Rooney Mara, along with two other actors who played queer characters (Glenn Close as the crossdressing Albert Noobs, Christopher Plummer in Beginners).

Of the performances I saw, Rooney Mara certainly deserves the nomination. However, I want to point out something that's been pointed out before. Want to know the best way for an aspiring straight able bodied actor to win an Oscar? Play a queer or disabled characters. What a white actor? Well, since black face is politically incorrect, your best bet is to play a white character who helps a person with minority status who is facing discrimination and hardship to overcome that discrimination and hardship. See last years' Sandra Bullocks' win in The Blind Side for an example of this.

If Meryl Streep were to play a blind lesbian who manages to teach an inner city class (comprised mainly of poor blacks) the importance of education and thereby inspiring all of them to apply themselves so they can get into college, having nominations would be totally pointless.

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