August 28, 2013

On Human Nature Through Film

So tonight was the first night of my Human Nature Through Film class that I am now taking at Wilkes University. Since this is the first philosophy class that I have taken since I graduated from SUNY Oneonta, I am a little bit excited about it.

One little bit of irony though. On the list of films we would be watching, there was only one that I was not familiar with. Of those that I did recognize, none were LGBTQ related, which kind of irritated me a little. However as it turns out, the one film that I was not familiar with (Keep the River on Your Left) turned out to be a documentary about a gay anthropologist.

I'm a bit embarrassed of course. I've spent all this time trying to become an expert on queer cinema and naturally, the one film I've never heard of on this list would be the queer film.

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