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I am a gender queer male with a bachelors degree in Philosophy from SUNY Oneonta. For that degree I wrote my senior thesis "What Does it Mean to Define" on language, math, and possible worlds.

I have been active in several pro-queer organizations. I served as the publicist for Open Minded Unity and volunteered for the campuses Gender and Sexuality Resource Center while I was at SUNY Oneonta. Currently I also serve as the president of the Oneonta/Otsego Pflag Chapter and on the advisory board of the SUNY Oneonta GSRC.

I have guest blogged at The Bilerico Project and written for Diversity Rules!.

I have a passionate interest in the philosophies of the LGBTQIA movements. Like most philosophers, I'm more interested in "the big picture" than with very specific issues. I know I have my head stuck in the clouds most of the time, but damn it, the view from up here is amazing.

I do mainly 3 kinds of articles, a comic strip, plus maybe the occasional "off topic" item on something that interests me.

Queer Reviews
Reviews of movies, and sometimes books, with queer characters, subtexts, or themes. These are my opinions on what is worth watching in queer cinema.

Queer Issues
My thoughts and opinions on larger issues affecting the queer community. Civility in any conversation is paramount to me and is something that has been gradually eroded away during the past decade.

Setting the Record Queer
Articles on historic figures that were either openly queer or for which there is some evidence. The hardest kind of article to do as these require the most research, but I feel it is important not to forget the history of queer people.

The Amazing Sassy
From the About section:

The Amazing Sassy is about a boy Jack and his dog, Sassy, who happens to think she is a cat. Jack is a highly intelligent young thing, although nobody recognizes it, being raised by his two moms, for whom he manages to create a lot of grief.

I created The Amazing Sassy after I had to put Sassy, the dog I had since I was 12, to sleep as a way of helping me work through my grief. Jack is based a little bit on me and my own experiences.

People can buy prints of select comic strips over on my Deviant Art profile.

Commenting Policy- IMPORTANT
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-Personal attacks or abuse
-Promote rape culture, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, racism, or any other related "ism", phobia, or bigotry.