May 2, 2012

Off Topic: On iPads and the lack of posts...

Okay, first, allow me to offer up that little standard uh apology for not having posted a lot recently. Although, I'm not sure I understand the point precisely of apologizing for having a life beyond this virtual internet thingie but if every other blogger out there does it in similar circumstances...

In any case, I've been busy with another project, a story to be precise that I've been working on. Maybe I'll even get it published someday.

The other problem is that my laptop has slowly bitten the dust and is now closer to paperweight than electronic. It's only a matter of time before the Smithsonian starts making inqueries.

I can write more or less on my iPad, especially since my Dad got me a nice little keyboard that connects wirelessly,f for me for Christmas and while it's not like writing on a regular keyboard it is nicer than using the screen keypad. However, the format I use for the reviews is virtually impossible to replicate on an iPad. Well, it's possible, it's just really difficult and time consuming. Given my current funding situation, it will be awhile before I can afford a new regular laptop.

Speaking of the iPad, I thought I would offer up my thoughts on the device. There are two things I want to say. One is that Apple has truely created a truely amazing piece of hardware. They then went on to set up this amazing piece of hardware with some seriously flawed software. As someone who uses flash and java apps a lot, the lack of support for flash and java apps is rather disappointing. Particularly as someone who plays Runescape. So what if those things use up a lot of battery life and are ineffecient? I like having access to all the internet has to offer and if I want to use a program that shortens the battery life, shouldn't I at least have that option?

That's just the beginning of the software issues I have. The other is the way that there is no independent way to store files outside of apps, which makes emailing/uploading photos online... frustrating. As in trying to do so will usually end with the phrase: *AURGH* *HULK* *SMASH*. I bet the high price tag is the main reason more iPads don't usually end up in a million bits at the end of the day. It's weird to go from being able to effortless perform a variety of tasks that would seem nearly impossible for a single device to pull off to wanting to smash it for being inable to do something that seems utterly straightforward.

Suffice to say, I dislike having to shell out a few bucks each for apps that allow one to upload to services like Facebook or Instagram.

In the grand scheme of things, I should note that it's nice to be able to take one small porable device with me me to the gym, use it to watch music videos while I workout, take photos to document graffiti on the streets outside, type up a few paragraphs for the story I mentioned I was working on while I eat lunch, then later go to a meeting and show those photos to others.

Just good luck for anyone who might want to also use Java, Flash, or show those photos to anyone on Facebook on the free.

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