June 29, 2012

Blog update: I'm Back!

Well, okay, it's not like I ever went away exactly. But I got a new laptop after the old one pretty much died.

The thing is, typing on an iPad (even with a Bluetooth connected keyboard) is not the same thing as being able to write on an actual laptop. The differences are so extreme that one might as well compare writing cuniform on clay tablets to putting pen to paper.

So at this point, I should be able to return to writing full length, properly formated reviews. Once I get the image files imported over and everything, this should be only be a matter of time.

The one drawback is that it will probably be several days before I stop swiping my fingers up and down the screen, while screaming "WHY WON'T THE DAMN THING SCROLL!". I already spent several moments, where I kept taping on an enter icon while starting up the laptop, before I realized why that would not exactly work.

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