August 10, 2012

On Censorship, Rape Culture, and the New Comments Policy.

Generally speaking, I tend to like to pretend that there is no topic too offensive that it could not be discussed by reasonable adults. Censorship is evil I tell you! EVIL!

There are of course moments when reality hits and I find myself forcing to take a hard look at my positions on free speech. A few days ago was one such day.

It came when I found a comment on the post Gore Vidal, Rape Apologist that basically defended Vidals' statements. Among other lovely little dripplings, the comment included the sentiment that somehow determining whether or not a rape victim was a virgin at the time they were sexually assaulted was somehow relevant.

Yeah, I too hate it when I've been conned into thinking this is now the 21st century.

In any case, I deleted the comment. I realize that I have now invited scores of people to decry my position as hypocritical. So be it. If someone out there wants to start a blog and pontificate about how morally upright rapists are, and how their slutty victims were asking for it, go ahead. But I will not allow such poison on Queering the Closet.

For the record, I have now updated the About page to include a section outlining the new commenting policy.

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