January 2, 2013

Of the Day (1/2/13)

The Amazing Sassy
The Amazing Sassy - Reading Einstein

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
-George Santayana

Historical Queer Poem
To a Young Fisherman by Jacob Israël de Haan
Your naked feet more tender than a tulip,
A rose less handsome than your ruddy cheeks,
In no other's eyes did I read more replete
Such a boundless hankering for friendship.

Behind us the eternity of the sea,
Above paled grey the everlasting sky,
Drifting on the lonely beach just we
Alone, no other than the sea to pry.

I went to my City, our last day ended.
You sail and fish content, I drift and brood
and find no city refuge nor stiller field.
I am so tired, yet much I have loved,
Forgive me much, ask not what I withstood
And pray I never to your beauty yield.

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