February 4, 2013

A Letter My Grandmother Wrote to Me on the Nuclear Arms Race When I Was 1 year Old

Recently, while my mom was going through my Grandma Gladstone's stuff during preparations to sell her (Grandma's) house, she came across a letter that Grandma had written to me when I was one year old.

I don't have a scanner set up in the new apartment, but I wanted to share this, so I typed it up as best I could.

June 18th, 1984

Dear Jeremy,

Today Grandma was in a class concerning missions of Peace. Because of the arms race that is now happening in the world between governments and the use of nuclear weapons being made, Grandma is concerned about the kind of world you might grow up in.

The kind of world I would like to see you grow up in would be much different than the kind caused by an arms race.

I would like to see you grow up in a loving family free from the threat of war. I would like to[sic] to get the education you need and want. I would like to see you grow up by playing and enjoying your friends and family in a free and clean atmosphere. I would like to see you enjoy the outdoors and all of God's beautiful creation. I hope you will understand that God loves you and by having God in your life you will be able to do great things. Have religious freedom.

The world will have to put a stop to the arms race by the time you read this. There would be less hunger in the world. You will not have to face a draft or conscription. You will be free to find the job you want, marry, become a parent.

What will Grandma do to help some of these things happen for you. She will pray. She will join prayer groups for peace. She will attempt to write letters to congressmen, telling them what her opinions for peace are.

When you are with me I will try to be a good example of a Christian that would like to see peace in the world and a peaceful world for her Grandchildren.

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